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Clothes shopping can be a cheerful experience that means much more than cool new items in the closet. At Kidbox we’ve assembled a team of industry pros to create a uniquely fun and effortless shopping experience that brings parents and kids together to discover new styles, save time in their busy lives, and bond over the joys of community giving.


The simple act of opening a box can be a source of happiness that begs to be shared with others.

Through Kidbox we believe that by combining the awesome experiences of getting & giving new clothes to those in need can empower kids to be socially responsible, and make an impact.


Every season, we’ll prepare a box full of stylish pieces from well-loved brands, selected just for your special kid. Whenever you keep the whole box, we will commit a donation of new clothes to children in needy families. What’s more, we invite you and your child participate in helping us choose where to donate, and supporting our mission to bring clothing to over 1 million children.

Our giving program is made possible by the support of our partner, Delivering Good. Learn more.


So, instead of heading to the mall, just grab your kiddo, go to kidbox.com/onboarding and actually savor shopping together by taking the fun, fast style quiz and placing an order. The easiest returns ever, shipping that’s always on us, and no obligations. Make unboxing happiness something to look forward to season after season.

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